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29th November 2007, malayalees woke up to free flowing music and non-stop entertainment, Clear, Relevant, Fun. Radio Mango arrives. To the rhythms of a passenger train, over a steaming cuppa, to the lights of the traffic signal, Mango kept up with the reticent malayalee as he move on day and night.

Mango is what you listen to everyday. Why? Because we always listen to you. More than a habit, its a work out session for us, to keep ourselves fit enough for our listeners. Mango is a personal experience; and that makes us talk to each one of you, one at a time.
At Mango, if something is of interest to you chances are you will hear it first from us. Radio Mango represents- a lifestyle, youthfulness, responsibility, and change - through fun, all the way. Mango entertainment educates you, makes you think and inspires you to act. Just like our programing philosophy think, feel, act. Who cares about it? You do. And its all that matters for a radio station which puts you first.

Mango works on a different platform. Be it the traffic updates, the thought provoking program or the foot-tapping hits, at Mango, we make it sound entertaining yet educating . So are we just in to the entertaining business? Not really. We melt away your stress and up your enjoyment while educating you as well. Are we serious? About coffee, yes. Are we fun to be with? You tell us.